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Web Design

A high-converting professional website for real estate agents is more than visuals—it's a strategic storefront. Through seamless user experience and captivating visuals, it guides visitors through listings, evoking emotions and sparking interest. Mobile-friendly, fast, and intuitive, it effortlessly delivers information. Compelling calls-to-action drive actions, while testimonials build trust. It's not just a site; it's an asset turning visitors into delighted clients.

Lead Capture Funnels & Automations

A lead capture funnel is like a magnetic pull, drawing potential clients in with engaging content and offers like free downloadable guides or forms to see how much a lead can get approved for. Automations step in as silent conductors, delivering personalized messages and timely follow-ups. Together, they form a seamless system that captures leads and nurtures relationships, turning prospects into loyal clients for a thriving real estate business.

Personalized CRM

This CRM is your real estate control center, offering a clear pipeline view of all deals. It's like a panoramic window into your business, showing each deal's status from start to finish. With detailed client info, reminders, and collaboration features, it keeps you organized and on top of every opportunity, ensuring efficient management and growth in the competitive real estate realm.

Use These 10 Headlines to Generate Seller Leads

Attention is the most valued commodity - use these headlines to gain more of it!

Email Marketing

Email marketing for real estate agents is like sending personalized updates directly to clients' inboxes. It's a way to showcase properties, share market trends, and offer valuable insights. Through engaging content and clear calls-to-action, agents nurture leads, build relationships, and drive actions like scheduling viewings or exploring listings, all while staying connected and informed with clients.

Social Media Strategy

A strategic social media plan for real estate agents is like a tailored roadmap to digital success. It's about storytelling through engaging visuals and content, tailored to resonate with the audience. This plan leverages platforms strategically, encourages community engagement, and uses analytics to refine strategies for maximum impact and growth.

Meta & YouTube Ads

Designed to reach specific audiences interested in buying, selling, or investing in properties. These ads utilize compelling visuals, persuasive copy, and precise targeting to drive engagement, generate leads, and ultimately amplify the visibility and success of an agent's real estate offerings. Best part about it, doesn't cost you as much as those crappy shared Zillow leads.

Hear from Satisfied Clients About Their Experience

Alexandra Acosta

Realty of Chicago

"Wow! V12 Performance is a game-changer! Their marketing strategies took my social media from 'just okay' to 'unmissable.' Seriously, I've seen way more interested buyers knocking on my door since teaming up with them. My business is booming, and it's all thanks to their personalized magic!"

Javier Gonzalez

Realty of Chicago

"Their tips and tricks completely transformed how I show up online. Suddenly, my inbox is flooded with inquiries, and I've had more successful deals in months than I did in ages. These guys get me, and their service is top-notch!"

Kara Dzierwior


"Armando and the team at V12 rocks! Seriously, they made my listings pop on social media like never before. More clicks, more clients—it's been wild! They're super attentive and really care about making my business soar. If you're a real estate agent, you've gotta check them out for real growth!"

How are your products or services different from your competitors?

You know what makes us different? Experience, and a boatload of it! We've been in both the real estate and marketing games for years. Not just any years, but ones where we've hustled with 6 and 7-figure businesses, learning the ropes and crafting killer strategies that work specifically for real estate agents like you.

We're not into guesswork. Nope, we’re all about that data life. Analytics is our secret sauce. It helps us figure out what's hitting the bullseye and what needs tweaking. Basically, it's like having a treasure map to success for your real estate biz.

But wait, there's more! We’re not your average service – far from it. You won’t find us slinging generic strategies. We’re all about that one-on-one vibe. Your business isn’t one-size-fits-all, and neither are our strategies. You’ll get the personal attention you deserve, making sure our game plan fits your goals like a glove.

In a nutshell, we bring the experience, the data smarts, and that personalized touch to the table. That's what makes us shine brighter than the rest!

How much will this cost me?

Here’s the scoop: we start things off with a one-time onboarding fee. This helps us dive into your world, understand your goals, and craft a plan that’s all about you.

Now for the nitty-gritty ongoing costs, we’ve got different plans up our sleeve. Think of it like a menu where you pick what suits your taste – or in this case, your goals as an agent. Whether you’re revving up your real estate game or aiming for the stars, we’ve got options to fit your budget and dreams.

Want the lowdown on what it’ll cost for your specific goals? Let’s chat! Once we’re in sync about your ambitions, we’ll break down the costs transparently. No hidden fees, just a clear plan to get you where you want to be without breaking the bank.

Do I have any say in the content being distributed?

Absolutely, you’ve got a big say in what goes out! We’re all about making things super personalized for you. Your brand, your vibe, your audience – it’s all about what makes you stand out in your market.

Here’s the deal: before anything sees the light of day, it’s all going through you for the thumbs-up. No surprises, no guesswork. We’ll share everything we’ve cooked up for your marketing magic, and you can give it the green light only when you’re 100% on board. Your content, your call!

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Nah, no long-term contracts here! We’re not about locking you in. But, here’s the scoop: we’ve found that magic happens when we’ve got a bit of time to really rev up your marketing game. We recommend a minimum 6-month journey together to really optimize your strategy and get those stellar results rolling in. It’s like planting seeds – give 'em a bit of time, and watch them grow into something amazing!

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